Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get paid by SanKash?

  • SanKash pays you immediately and in full. You don’t have to wait for customers to pay SanKash before we pay you

How much work is required to add SanKash Monthly Payment Plan to our site?

  • We make it simple to get going with SanKash’s Monthly Payment Plan. Our team has done many integrations with renowned travel providers, and we’ll help you add Monthly Payment Plan to your site quickly.

Who is responsible for loan servicing of customers?

  • SanKash handles all loan servicing and customer questions so you can stay focused on your core business.

What happens if my customers don’t pay?

  • SanKash follows up with the customer directly on all EMI payments & assumes the credit risk.


SanKash Monthly Payment

How to calculate EMI or my monthly payment?

Do you charge a cancellation fee?

  • SanKash charges a small fee on cancellations.

How much amount can I finance?

  • Your travel loan amount can be anywhere between Rs.10,000-Rs.10,00,000. It is usually calculated at max. 80% of the Trip Value.

Can I apply for SanKash Monthly Payment Plan over the phone?

  • Unfortunately, we do not take applications over the phone. Please visit one of our travel partners to apply.

How do I participate in SanKash Monthly Payment Plan?

  • You can avail Pay in Parts option through your travel partner. If he has not partnered with SanKash please ask him to do so.

When does interest start to accrue?

  • Interest begins to accrue the day your loan originates.

What kind of travel can I buy from SanKash Monthly Payment Plan?

  • Our travel provider partners sell everything from flights, to vacation packages, from hotels to cruises, and they make SanKash Monthly Payment Plan available for a broad range of ancillary products and travel purchases.

Can I make other changes to travel I made with SanKash Monthly Payment Plan?

  • Any travel-related changes would need to be discussed with your travel provider directly. The effect of any changes to your travel arrangements on your loan balance will depend upon the nature, type and monetary amounts involved in the changes made.

Existing Customers

Making Payments

Why is my first payment different from my remaining payments?

  • Your first payment also includes a down payment for your travel purchased along with the first monthly payment amount. That is why, it’s different.

Can I make additional payments?

  • Yes, SanKash allows you to make additional payments.

If I make additional monthly payment, will my monthly payment change?

  • Your monthly payment will not change, but the amount of the last payment and the duration of your loan will be reduced

Where can I review my monthly payment plan details?

  • Send us an email on the id & we will be happy to help you.

How do I make my Monthly Payments?

  • All the monthly payments will be directly debited from the registered bank account.
  • In case the monthly payment is not debited directly, our team will contact you and send you a payment link for the same.

Are there any penalties for paying off my pending trip-amount early?

  • Yes, please check with our customer service team

Can I make changes to the form of payment I’m using to make my monthly payments?

  • Sorry, you cannot change the form of payment, EMI will be directly debited from the bank account

Will SanKash send me payment reminders?

  • Yes. We will send you reminders via both email and text messages before your due monthly payment.

When are my monthly payments due?

  • Your monthly payments are due on 5th of every month , starting from the month post which loan is disbursed.

What happens if I don’t pay?

  • SanKash reserves the right to report payment delinquencies of 30 days or longer to one or more consumer reporting agencies in accordance with applicable law